Frequently Asked Questions


What details do I need in order to request a quote?

The quickest way to get your request underway is with your car’s registration number. If you don’t have that at hand, you can use our car look-up system to find your car make and model. You’ll also need to input a few basic personal details – phone number and email – so we can send quotes to you. If you know what work your car needs, simply select the relevant option from the categories. If you need help working out what work your car needs, take a look at our common symptoms section.

How long will it take for quotes to come through?

You’ll receive up-to 3 quotes directly to your inbox within 24 hours, but usually much sooner than that.

What if I’m not happy with any of the quotes?

If you receive your 3 quotes and aren’t satisfied with them, you can reject this round and request a second round of quotes.

What happens after I’ve accepted a quote?

Once you’ve accepted a quote, we’ll confirm details and exchange contact information. You’ll receive the contact details of the Service Provider you’ve selected and they’ll receive your phone number and email address. From here, the Service Provider will get in touch with you directly to finalise your booking. Payment is made directly with the Service Provider, NOT through CarConex. At completion of the job, you’ll both have the opportunity to review your experience.

How much does CarConex cost to use?

CarConex is a free service for customers - we don’t charge you a thing at any point in the process!

Are there reviews on Service Providers?

Absolutely! We know this is an important element to your decision making process. At the completion of each job, both customers and Service Providers have the opportunity to review their experience. You’ll have the opportunity to check these ratings when you receive your quotes.

How do I pay for the work on my car?

You’ll pay the Service Provider directly, NOT through CarConex.


How much does it cost to sign-up to CarConex?

Sign-up is free, but you’ll need to pre-purchase credits. These credits are used every time you quote on a job, and to win jobs.

I can’t find my public liability insurance certificate. What now?

We pride ourselves on the level of quality we deliver, and that goes for our Service Providers too. In order to be listed with CarConex, you’ll need to provide proof of your public liability insurance. It’s to protect you and your customers. If you can’t find your certificate or don’t have one, unfortunately, you can’t sign-up to CarConex as a Service Provider.

How many service providers are quoting any one job?

Up to 3 service providers can quote any one job.

My credits are running low, how do I purchase more?

Credits are automatically topped up from your selected credit card, with the package you have previously chosen. This is to ensure that you always have enough credits in your account to cover any winning jobs you have already quoted on.

What type of credit packages can I buy?

We offer 4 pre-purchased credit packages. Whether you are a seasonal or regular service provider of CarConex, we have a package to suit your needs.

How do I use these credits?

You will need to use these credits in two parts:
1. To quote on new jobs (Quoting)
2. When a quoted job is won (Conversion)

We have made it fairer for all our service providers. Only the successful service provider will pay the full cost for the job lead.As an example, it may cost 2 credits to quote on a job. The successful service provider that wins the quoted job will then pay an additional 4 Credits, totalling 6 Credits for the job.

Do credits have an expiry date?

No, your pre-purchased credits don’t have an expiry date. They’ll remain active for the duration of your account registration.

What happens after our quote has been accepted by the customer?

Once a customer has accepted your quote, you will be notified that you have successfully won the job. You will need to log into your CarConex dashboard and Claim the job. This confirms with us and the customer that you are aware of, and ready to engage on, the winning job. This also allows the exchange of details and contact information of the customer, including phone number and email address. From here, you’ll need to get in touch with the customer directly to finalise the booking.

What about processing payment for the jobs we complete?

Customers will pay your business directly, NOT through CarConex.

How does the review process work?

Reviews and ratings are a valuable tool for customers when deciding on a Service Provider. At the completion of each job, both customers and Service Providers have the opportunity to review their experience.

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